Grinnell Mutual is a popular choice for many Illinois drivers looking to purchase car insurance, as the company has been around since 1909 and has a large network of mutual and independent agents they work with across the United States. However, like any insurance company, Grinnell is a for-profit business, and that means it may be in their financial best interests to deny you compensation following a motor vehicle accident or offer less than your claim is worth to settle your claim.

Grinnell car accident claims in Bloomington can be a lot easier to manage with help with a knowledgeable lawyer from the area. Having skilled legal counsel on your side to negotiate on your behalf and advocate for your financial best interests can be key not only to maximizing available compensation, but sometimes to getting any compensation at all.

The Grinnell Claims Process

There are three ways for you to submit an auto insurance claim to Grinnell: over the phone, through their personal Grinnell agent, or through Grinnell’s online portal. Key information to include in this initial report includes:

  • A brief summary of what happened, when it happened, and who was involved. It may be wise to have a lawyer handle this for you, especially if liability may be disputed.
  • A summary of property damage, including damage done to other vehicles, buildings, and street fixtures
  • A summary of injuries sustained in the accident, ideally with accompanying medical documentation
  • Contact information for the policyholder, including their name, email and mailing addresses, phone number, and policy number

Once Grinnell receives the claim, one of their adjusters will direct various additional questions about the incident to either you or your agent, depending on who actually submitted the claim, and whether or not you have an attorney. Their initial priority will be evaluating liability for the accident, and then determining whether your car was totaled in the accident, or whether it could possibly be repaired.

Depending on the extent of your damages, Grinnell may respond to a car accident claim in Bloomington by paying for specific expenses or by offering an early settlement. It is almost never a good idea to accept this initial settlement offer without consulting with an experienced attorney, particularly if you are still treating and the full extent of your injuries is not yet known. Often early settlement offers are insufficient to to truly compensate for every loss you might have suffered, especially if you were in a serious accident.

What If Grinnell Denies Your Claim?

In certain situations, Grinnell Mutual may reject a Bloomington driver’s car accident claim altogether. Sometimes, this is because the policyholder who submitted the claim failed to include key information, was not aware of exactly what their policy covered, or if the claimant could arguably be to blame for the accident in question. It is possible with any insurance company that a carrier may reject a claim due to a bad-faith interpretation of policy documents in an attempt to save money.

The best thing you can do to strengthen your car accident claim is to seek prompt medical attention, follow all your doctor’s instructions, keep comprehensive records of accident-related expenses and losses, and discuss your situation with legal counsel as soon as possible. If a claim denial is based on invalid grounds, a dedicated lawyer could push for a re-evaluation or potentially even file suit on your behalf.

A Bloomington Attorney Could Help File a Car Accident Claim with Grinnell

Getting the most money possible from the car insurance claims process can be a complicated matter even if you have a great deal of documentation regarding your injuries and evidence proving someone else is at fault for them. Representation from a knowledgeable legal professional can be essential to securing a favorable resolution and getting the settlement you deserve.

If you need help filing a Grinnell car accident in Bloomington, our team is available to assist you. Call today for a consultation.