Driving is a part of daily life. Cars, bikes, trucks, and buses share the roads at all hours of the day. However, when a bus crashes, the resulting damage can be severe. Buses are much larger than passenger vehicles, and negligent bus drivers put other motorists at risk of severe harm.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a bus wreck, a Bloomington bus accident lawyer could help you seek compensation for your injuries. You may need intensive medical care or may face lifelong disability. A dedicated injury attorney could empathize with the losses and trauma you have experienced and help you understand your options for legal recovery.

Common Causes of Public Transportation Crashes

Many factors could cause a bus driver to crash. Knowing the cause of a bus wreck is important for pinpointing who was responsible for the collision, and therefore, who to seek compensation from. Common causes for bus wrecks include:

  • An improperly trained or overworked bus driver
  • Inadequately maintained vehicle
  • Driving while distracted or under-the-influence
  • Unruly passengers
  • Reckless driving or road rage
  • Wet or icy road conditions
  • Unlawful left turns
  • Large blind spots

In the event of bus driver error, it is sometimes possible to sue the company responsible for employing the driver. Often, contracting services supply drivers to private tour or charter bus services. If the crash was due to maintenance or mechanical failure, the company responsible for servicing or manufacturing parts could be found liable. A knowledgeable attorney in Bloomington could help someone injured in a bus accident determine who is responsible for their injuries.

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What Damages are Available to People Injured in Bus Wreck?

In a personal injury lawsuit, there are different types of civil damages available to the person bringing the lawsuit, also known as the plaintiff. A Bloomington bus crash attorney could seek two types of damages on behalf of the injured claimant.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are past and future out-of-pocket and expenses stemming from the accident. These include medical expenditures, lost income or wages, and property damage. Medical experts may be brought in to determine whether a claimant will likely require ongoing medical care. An attorney could also provide documentation of medical visits and billing statements as evidence of damages.

Non-Economic Damages

This class of damages seeks to offer a plaintiff compensation for the physical and mental anguish they have suffered outlook as a result of the accident. These losses are not easily quantifiable. A judge or jury will weigh the evidence and attempt to put a value in dollars for the suffering that the injured claimant has undergone.

Additionally, plaintiffs may seek damages for the aggravation of a pre-existing condition made worse by the accident, reduced life expectancy, disability or disfigurement, and increased susceptibility to harm. An experienced bus accident lawyer could explain what non-economic damages are available to a claimant in Bloomington.

Reach Out to a Bloomington Bus Accident Attorney Today

By taking legal action, you could be compensated for your medical bills, lost income, and the pain and suffering since the bus accident. You must reach out to a Bloomington bus accident lawyer as soon as possible because you have a limited time to file a civil claim.

An accomplished attorney could help you hold the negligent bus driver accountable for your losses. Call now and schedule your first consultation for free.