Car accidents can result in both property damage and personal injuries. With some minor accidents involving just property damage, people may elect to pay out of pocket to fix their damaged cars to avoid paying an increase in their insurance premiums. However, most claims concerning car crashes are handled through insurance companies.

It is critical to work with a helpful local attorney who has extensive experience dealing with an auto insurance company after an accident in Bloomington. Our team of dedicated legal professionals knows how to negotiate with insurers. If an insurance company fails to offer you a fair settlement amount, our team is ready and willing to take your case to court to ensure that you get the recovery that you need and deserve.

Steps to Take After a Vehicle Accident in Bloomington

After a crash, the first concern should be for all injured parties to receive necessary medical attention. Even if a person’s wounds appear insignificant, it is still important to have a doctor examine them. Some injuries, like whiplash or brain trauma, may appear later, so it is critical to report to a doctor all your symptoms, no matter how seemingly minor, such as soreness, tightness, and bruising. A medical professional could also help connect your injuries to the vehicle wreck.

It is also essential to gather all the documents and information necessary for the insurance company to make a valid assessment. If possible, you should try to collect information about the accident by speaking with bystanders, taking photographs of the injuries and property damage, obtaining car repair estimates, and filing a police report.

The earlier in the claims process that an attorney is retained, the better the result could be. Our team of Bloomington attorneys could help support your claim by skillfully negotiating with the defendant’s auto insurance company to ensure you are properly compensated for your losses. It is also important to note that potential claimants must typically file suit within two years of a crash, according to 735 ILCS 5/13-118. Be advised, a shorter statute of limitations may apply if a defendant is a governmental entity.

First Party and Third-Party Auto Insurance Claims

After an accident, an injured claimant would generally first file a claim with their own insurer, which is known as a first-party claim. People pay premiums to their insurance companies to cover certain losses and expenses in the event of an auto accident.

If another party was responsible for the car accident in Bloomington, a claimant could also pursue recovery and seek coverage from that at-fault driver’s insurance company under a third-party claim. Our team of dedicated attorneys knows how to navigate through the complex and lengthy auto insurance claims process, and can help you determine what coverage is available under both the at-fault driver’s insurance and from your own insurance policy

Rely on a Bloomington Attorney When Dealing with the Auto Insurance Company After an Accident

The goal of most insurance companies is to reduce liability and minimize payouts. It would be beneficial to have a strong legal ally by your side throughout the negotiation and settlement process. Our team of compassionate attorneys has experience dealing with auto insurance companies after an accident in Bloomington. Our team would negotiate for the most favorable settlement offer that leaves you whole. Let us begin helping you today. Call our office to schedule a consultation.