What Makes These the Ten Most Dangerous Intersections in Bloomington-Normal?

Safely navigating intersections can be challenging for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. Each driver, rider or walker who approaches an intersection must rely on all the others also passing through to make safe and reasonable choices regarding stop signs, turn signals, lane changes and right of way. One careless decision can result in a serious, or even deadly, accident.

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Factors that Lead to Accidents at Intersections

There are a number of common factors that are known to increase the likelihood of collisions occurring in an intersection. These include:

High Traffic Volume

The sheer volume of vehicles that pass through an intersection increase the likelihood that an accident will occur. More cars mean an increase in hasty or poor decisions that can lead to more crashes.

Areas with high volume traffic generally are controlled by traffic signals. This can lead to drivers making dangerous errors, such as turning in front of oncoming traffic or attempting to beat, or even running, red lights. All of these can have serious consequences for other drivers.

Multiple Lanes of Traffic

The more lanes of traffic, the more decisions drivers have to make yielding, changing lanes, and merging into traffic. Urban areas like Bloomington-Normal have a greater number of intersections with both high volume, and multiple lanes, of traffic. Unfortunately, accidents at these intersections are far too common.

Sign Issues

Some intersections contain signage that can be hard to read or decipher. These situations can cause driver confusion, leading to quick lane changes, sudden stops, or swerves, which can result in vehicle crashes.

Road Construction

Intersections with a high volume of traffic tend to require more maintenance. Road construction can create unexpected road hazards, and areas that under construction may have signage that confuses drivers resulting in poor driving decisions.

Poor Visibility

This can happen at any time while driving, like passing through a busy intersection. Obstructed vision can also be caused by fog, rain, poor roadway lighting, trees near the roadway, hills, or curves can all be factors that contribute to devastating car crashes.

What Are the Most Dangerous Intersections in Bloomington?

As recently reported in the Pantagraph, based on the number of accidents in 2019, the five most dangerous accidents in Bloomington are:

  1. Washington Street at Veterans Parkway
  2. Clearwater and Veterans Parkway
  3. Oakland Avenue and Veterans Parkway
  4. Morrissey Drive at Veterans Parkway
  5. Empire Street and Veterans Parkway

Five Most Dangerous Intersections in Normal

The same Pantagraph article ranked the 5 most dangerous intersections in Normal as follows:

  1. Veterans Parkway and Parkway Plaza
  2. Von Maur and Veterans Parkway
  3. Linden Street at Vernon Avenue
  4. College Avenue at Main Street
  5. Fort Jesse Road at Veterans Parkway

What Makes These Bloomington-Normal Intersections so Dangerous?

What exactly makes these intersections so dangerous? All ten meet most of the criteria that are likely to lead to collisions between vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians. They all have multiple lanes of traffic, see a high volume of cars daily, and are often under construction. Add the potential for poor visibility or confusing signage and you increase the likelihood that a collision will occur.

How Can I Avoid Being Involved in an Accident at an Intersection?

While it is impossible to avoid all accidents, defensive driving gives you your best opportunity to avoid a crash. Be aware of other drivers, expect others to do the unexpected, and maintain a safe distance between other vehicles to give yourself an opportunity to avert a collision.

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What If I Have Been Involved in an Accident at a Dangerous Intersection?

If you were involved in an accident at a dangerous intersection, or any intersection, in Bloomington-Normal and sustained injuries as a result, we would encourage you to contact a car accident attorney who is experienced in handling cases involving dangerous intersections. Call our office for a free consultation.

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