Whether you were hurt in an unexpected accident at work or suffer from a chronic injury due to repetitive job-related tasks, you may have grounds to pursue compensation for the harm you suffered through a workers’ compensation claim. However, there are various rules and regulations governing how these claims work and how injured workers must pursue them. Failing to comply with these requirements could leave you without the financial restitution you need.

Working with a Normal workers’ compensation lawyer could be beneficial if you want to maximize your chances of a positive resolution to your claim. Once retained, a seasoned personal injury attorney could guide you through the process of filing a workers’ comp claim and help you recover for your damages.

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What are Illinois’ Workers’ Comp Coverage Requirements?

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act establishes the system through which injured employees may pursue compensation following a workplace accident. With few exceptions, every employer in Normal who has at least one part-time or full-time employee must purchase workers’ compensation insurance coverage for every person they employ.

Any eligible employee who suffers an injury while performing job-related tasks or while on the clock is potentially eligible to file a workers’ comp claim and seek benefits for various resulting losses. Workers’ compensation provides no-fault coverage, so an employee injured on the job does not need to prove that anyone else was civilly liable for their injuries in order to recover compensation.

In exchange for this coverage, employees generally cannot file suit against their employer for negligence, even if their employer’s carelessness directly causes a workplace accident. However, an injured worker may be able to file suit against a third party if that party’s negligence causes a workplace injury. A local workers’ compensation attorney could help an injured employee explore these and other options available under their unique circumstances.

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Pursuing Benefits After a Workplace Accident

If an injured worker in Illinois wants to pursue a workers’ compensation claim, 820 ILCS §305/6 requires that they first notify their employer of their injury within 45 days of its occurrence, at which point the employer must provide a list of medical providers from whom the employee may seek treatment. Any expenses for medical and rehabilitative services provided by an approved physician should be covered by workers’ compensation benefits.

In addition, workers’ comp can provide temporary partial or total disability benefits if an injury limits an employee’s ability to perform certain tasks or work at all during recovery. As per 820 ILCS §305/8, these benefits are respectively equivalent to two-thirds of the difference between a worker’s pre-injury and post-injury weekly wages, or two-thirds of the worker’s average gross weekly wage prior to their injury.

If a workplace accident leaves a worker permanently disabled or unable to return to their old job, permanent total disability benefits and compensation for job retraining may also be available through a workers’ compensation claim. In addition to ensuring a claim is filed correctly, a workers’ compensation lawyer could help an injured employee in Normal make sure they pursue all the benefits to which they may be entitled.

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You should be able to recover for the effects of a workplace injury through your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance if you are hurt while performing duties related to your job. However, to ensure you are fairly compensated for your losses, you should seek guidance from professional legal counsel.

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