If you or a loved one has been the victim of a commercial truck crash, you may be unsure of your legal options and full of questions and concerns. After a crash, life can suddenly get extremely complicated. A person will likely have injuries to deal with, medical treatments to endure, time lost from work and other responsibilities, damage to your vehicle or other property to fix or replace.

Especially while dealing with potentially severe injuries, it can be confusing to know how to navigate these uncharted waters. However, by consulting an experienced and compassionate attorney, you could discuss the biggest mistakes to avoid after a Bloomington truck accident and decide what to do next.

Common Errors After a Collision with a Truck

To make sure that an is able to recover for their losses following a crash, it is crucial to recognize what not to do. While there are countless obstacles to traverse after an accident, there are certain common mistakes that people should try to avoid in order to get the best outcome for their case. These include failing to stop at the scene, not calling the police, making admissions of fault, and not seeking medical attention, among others.

Failing to Stop at the Accident Scene

Failing to stop at the truck accident scene is a serious mistake that is also legal violation which can greatly jeopardizes a person’s chances of bringing a successful claim. It is important to stop and make sure that all injured parties are identified and that medical care is obtained for them.

Not Calling the Police

Even if the accident seems “minor,” a police report is critical in documenting the details of the accident and the parties involved. The police have the most experience at investigating the scene and interviewing witnesses. They will provide documentation and maintain accurate records that can be vital for supporting any claim for damages. Of course, the police investigation is especially important if there was significant property damage or if anyone was hurt in the semi wreck.

Making Admissions of Fault

Many people involved in a truck accident will be tempted to apologize afterward for any role they had in the accident—especially if someone else was injured—but this is a mistake. Anyone involved in a crash should be careful about what they say. To this end, it is important to remember that:

  • It is best to say as little as possible to anyone about the accident, except to your attorney
  • Avoid apologizing or saying sorry
  • In speaking to the police, provide accurate and factual answers only to what they ask—do not to exaggerate
  • Never admit fault

Even when a person might be partially responsible, a skilled lawyer could work to find and highlight other factors that might reduce their liability.

Not Getting Medical Attention

If a person makes the mistake of not getting medical attention after a truck accident in Bloomington, this can threaten their own health and can jeopardize their ability to recover compensation. Getting medical attention as soon as possible after a semi wreck could help to rule out hidden injuries that a person may not be aware of, and can also documents their condition at the time of the crash.

Furthermore, it can help to establish that injuries are related to the accident and eliminate the possibility of insurance companies making claims that the injuries preceded the accident or are not accident-related.

Errors in Dealing with Insurance Companies

After a truck crash in Bloomington, a person should not make the mistake of believing that the insurance companies for the trucker or their trucking company—and sometimes, even a person’s own insurance company—have their best interests at heart. In truth, a claims adjuster is promoted and rewarded for limiting payouts for damages. This is how insurance companies make money. Their goal is to get a person to make admissions that give them a defense or limit the injured motorist’s recovery.

As a result, anyone injured in a crash should be cautious in dealing with any insurer. Of course, an accident should still be reported to them, which is required. However, it is important to only give an insurer the facts, and to not give them all the specific details until consulting a lawyer. The trucker’s insurance company might also contact an injured individual. When this happens, a person has no obligation to give them all the details of the accident.

Furthermore, anyone injured in a truck crash should not sign any documents or paperwork from any insurer until they have talked with an attorney, nor should they give any insurance company a recorded statement. Sometimes, the insurance companies will call a person after an accident to express their concern and ask how they are doing, but that is often not the true intent of this call. In fact, they are trained to use this as a tactic to get an injured person to say that they are doing okay—which they will later use against them.

Avoiding Mistakes After a Truck Crash in Bloomington

The biggest mistake after a truck accident in Bloomington that people can make is to prematurely agree to a settlement. Almost always, this will be one that is much less than could usually be negotiated with the help of an experienced attorney.

Because of this, it is crucial for anyone injured in a crash to seek the counsel of a lawyer as soon as possible. You do not have to navigate this process alone. By retaining an attorney, you could have answers to your questions and assistance with navigating each step of the legal process. Don’t make the biggest mistake. Don’t try to get through this on your own. Make sure you have an experienced lawyer in your corner when you fight with the insurance companies to get the justice you deserve.

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