Any car accident is serious business, but a side-impact crash, or “broadside collision” can lead to extensive property damage and extreme, life-threatening injuries to both driver and passengers. Often these types of crashes happen when a driver has no opportunity to react or avoid a collision. If you have been involved in a broadside collision, an experienced personal injury lawyer is available to provide information and advice as you seek compensation for the injuries and losses you have suffered. For this reason, you should contact a Bloomington side-impact collision lawyer early in your case.

Causes of Side-Impact Accidents in Bloomington

Side impact crashes happen when one car “T-bones” or sideswipes another vehicle. The impact may happen on the either the driver or passenger side of the car. One of the more common causes of these broadside collisions is when a driver fails to yield right of way to another driver in an intersection and turns left either in front of or into the oncoming traffic. A sideswipe collision typically occurs when a driver attempts to change lanes and collides with a car in the other lane. In either case, when you are able to prove the other driver was at-fault in causing an accident you have the legal right to be compensated financially for your injuries or other damages you have suffered as a result of the accident.

What Injuries Are Common In a Broadside Car Accident?

The injuries that can result from a side-impact car crash can be severe, life-long, or even life-threatening. These may range from broken bones, neck injuries, concussions, spinal cord injuries or traumatic brain injuries. The severity of your injuries will be a factor in determining the compensation you may recover as a result of the accident.

What Should I Do Following A T-Bone Accident in Bloomington?

Whatever the extent of your injuries, your first priority should be getting necessary medical care. Allow your doctors to do a complete evaluation of your condition and follow their recommendation for your care. Ignoring their advice or avoiding medical treatment could give the impression that you were not injured in the accident and could impact your ability to seek compensation later. You want your injuries and your treatment to be documented by professionals which will assist your personal injury lawyer later as he or she seeks to build your legal claim.

After you have attended to your medical care, turn your attention to preserving any evidence that may be helpful in your case. Eyewitnesses, police reports, at-fault driver information, pictures of the accident scene, medical bills and car repair bills are all things that will be used to bolster your claim for damages. It is wise to get help from a lawyer as soon as possible to evaluate the case for you and help gather evidence to prove your claim.

What Damages Are Available Following a Side-Impact Collision in Bloomington?

Damages that you may be able to claim range from compensation for medical bills, any property damages you suffered, repair bills, pain and suffering, and any compensation for loss of the ability to work or enjoy your life as you did before the accident. If there is evidence of illegal activity like drunk driving on the part of the at-fault driver, you may be able to sue for punitive damages as well. An experienced Bloomington car crash attorney can discuss with you the potential damages you may claim and hope to be compensated for.

Get help from a Bloomington Broadside Crash Attorney

If you or someone you love has been involved in a side-impact car crash, our team is ready to discuss your accident with you and advise you of your rights and help you through the process. To discuss your case and see if we can help, call our office today for a free consultation.