A rear-end collision is, simply stated, any accident that happens when one car is hit from behind by another. Rear-end collisions frequently happen at red lights, when one driver stops and the driver behind does not, resulting in vehicle damage to either or both cars with the potential for serious injury. Rear-end collisions can also result from chain reaction accidents, where one vehicle rear-ends another and pushes it into the car or cars ahead of it. While these accidents frequently happen at low speeds, they can still result in serious injuries including whip-lash or concussion. And a rear-end collision can happen at high speed, too, when a vehicle is struck from behind by another driver who is drunk distracted, or speeding.

Fortunately, a Bloomington rear-end collision lawyer could help. If you were rear-ended by a negligent driver, do not hesitate to seek legal guidance from a trustworthy injury attorney in the area.

How Could an Attorney Help Me After Being Rear-ended?

If you have been injured in a Bloomington car accident, a personal injury lawyer with rear-end collision experience can assist you as you go through the process of filing a claim for damages to your property or to seek compensation for injuries you may have suffered. An experienced attorney will understand how to gather evidence, interview witnesses, and establish fault to build a strong case to see you through the process of filing a claim and, if necessary, filing your case in court.

I Was Hit From Behind: Who’s At Fault?

You may have heard that, in a rear-end collision, the driver that hits the other vehicle from behind is always at fault. While this may ultimately be true in your case, you may still have to prove the facts of the accident to establish fault. For example, the other driver may claim you slammed on your brakes suddenly and without warning or necessity, or swerved unexpectedly in front of them, making it impossible to avoid a collision. You may have been hit from behind by a car that was hit from behind by yet another car, complicating the situation even further. Establishing the facts of the case may require locating and interviewing eyewitnesses, reviewing footage from nearby traffic cameras, or even a consultation with an expert in accident reconstruction. An experienced Bloomington car accident attorney will understand the importance of gathering and preserving these various forms of evidence to document the facts of your case.

Why Should I Call A Bloomington Rear-End Collision Attorney?

If you have been involved in a rear-end collision, it would be to your benefit to call an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to discuss the facts of your case. An initial consultation is always free.

Be aware that there are time limits when it comes to filing personal injury claims. These limitations can vary from place to place and can depend on the facts of the accident and who was involved. An attorney with car accident experience will understand the need to file a claim before any important deadlines have passed.

A Bloomington rear-end collision lawyer will discuss with you the importance of receiving appropriate treatment for your injuries, discuss how you should handle the payment of any medical bills, help you identify all the damages you may be entitled to recover for, and determine what sources of insurance coverage are available to compensate you for your losses. Your claim will likely involve negotiations with an insurance company. Insurance adjusters and their attorneys are experienced in handling claims and generally have a goal of minimizing your recovery. Most folks who try to handle a car accident claim on their own are at a huge disadvantage. Typically, injured people who have a lawyer: (1) recover more money, (2) have more success reducing medical bills, and (3) have a much easier time navigating the claim process.

If you or a loved one have been injured in rear-end collision and wish to file a claim to seek compensation for your injuries, contact our office today. We are here and ready to help.