Founded in 1925, Erie Insurance is now a fortune 500 company, managing over 6 million insurance policies across 12 states. Here in Central Illinois, many Erie Insurance policy holders obtain their coverage from independent agents who can sell insurance for many different carriers. While Erie Insurance handles claims more reasonably than some insurance companies, like all insurance carriers, their company profits are driven by paying as little as they can to settle claims.

If you need help getting a positive result from your Erie car accident claim in Bloomington, you should consider retaining a seasoned local lawyer who has dealt with Erie Insurance with similar situations successfully in the past. Insurance providers often think twice before trying to take advantage of policyholders who have legal representation, and your attorney—once retained—could work tirelessly to get you the money you need for all your losses.

How Does the Erie Claims Process Work?

Notably, Erie Insurance does not offer a way for policyholders or injured third parties to file claims through any kind of online portal or website. Instead, prospective claimants must submit their initial claims and relevant documentation through a local Erie-affiliated agent, who they can contact directly by email or phone, or be connected to through Erie Insurance’s 800 number.

The exact amount of compensation you may receive through a successful Erie car accident claim in Bloomington depends on how severe your injuries and property losses are, as well as the degree of fault you might bear for causing or exacerbating their own injuries in the view of the insurance provider. However, “in the view of the insurance provider” is the key phrase there, as adjusters are trained to highlight any detail or inconsistency that might constitute a breach of policy terms, or indicate that you are to blame for your damages, or give them any plausible justification to make a low offer to resolve a claim

Additionally, Erie uses a software system called Colossus to estimate pain and suffering damages in car accident claims, the stated purpose of which is to “minimize payout variance” by grouping individual people with unique cases into broad categories that do not account for their specific circumstances and needs. This can further complicate efforts to recover effectively after severe car crashes, as Erie will very likely make an initial settlement offer that does not come close to covering every non-economic loss that you would want covered under a particular policy.

What to Keep in Mind While Pursuing a Car Crash Claim

When you pursue a car accident claim, particularly against major insurance carriers, you should keep in mind that insurance adjusters are trained to take steps and elicit testimony in sworn statements to reduce the value of potential claims. They are also trained to exploit any weakness and inconsistencies in medical records that could justify questioning the extent of your injuries and damages. For these reasons, we recommend you get help from an experienced Bloomington car accident attorney as soon as possible in the process, so your lawyer can navigate opening the claim for you, negotiating with the adjuster, reviewing your medical bills, and protecting you from common mistakes in the claims process.

We recommend that you do not agree to give any recorded statement without first consulting with a lawyer. While insurance adjusters may claim it is required, it is almost never truly required in the claims process. Similarly, no matter how much an adjuster pressures you to do so, you do not have to sign the medical records release form offered to you without any negotiation or adjustment of terms. In most cases, our clients never give an authorization to the insurance carrier, they only provide a medical record release to our office, so we can gather their medical records for them, review the records for any errors or omissions, and then we provide the medical bills and records to the insurance carrier along with a demand to settle our client’s case.

Learn More About Erie Car Accident Claims from a Bloomington Attorney

No one enjoys the insurance claims process, especially individuals dealing with severe injuries and expensive vehicle repair costs. Fortunately, you need not through your claim alone if you seek help from a compassionate and dedicated car accident lawyer.

Your legal representation could be critical to boosting your odds of a good outcome to your Erie car accident claim in Bloomington. Call today for a free and confidential consultation.