There’s no doubt that any vehicle accident can be devastating, but being involved in an accident with a commercial tractor-trailer can be even worse. Big-rigs are designed to have the size and power to move large loads of freight; those are the same factors that make collisions with these vehicles so dangerous to a driver in a passenger vehicle. These large vehicles also lack the ability to maneuver or stop quickly to avoid an accident.

Unfortunately, trucking companies may push their drivers too hard, putting profits over people, resulting in a tired or distracted driver. Or the company may try to cut costs and corners by failing to adequately maintain a truck, which can cause a serious accident. To fully investigate and evaluate all potential causes of an accident, you may require an experienced Lincoln truck accident lawyer to help you obtain the financial compensation you deserve. Speak with a skilled injury attorney right away.

Lincoln Truck Accident Lawyer

How Do I Protect My Financial Interests If I Have Been In a Crash with A Big Rig?

Commercial insurers have a great deal of experience with protecting their financial interests when their clients are involved in an accident. They often have teams of lawyers working to manage their claims to pay out the least amount possible on any claim. An experienced truck accident attorney in Lincoln will know how to assess your case to establish fault and can work to make sure you are financially compensated for your losses.

Semi Accidents in Lincoln

Accidents involving commercial vehicles often lead to the most serious kinds of injuries involving the neck, back, brain and spinal cord. The medical costs associated with these type of injuries can be astronomical and may lead to the need for a lifetime of care. Sadly, these accidents may also end in fatality for the driver or passengers of the smaller vehicle. If you have been injured or have lost a family member in a crash with a commercial truck, you have the right to seek compensation for your losses, both financial and emotional.

When a big rig is involved in an accident, there can be multiple parties or entities who can be held liable. These may include the driver of the vehicle, the company that owns the truck, the company that booked the load or loaded the vehicle, any company that provided maintenance on the truck or the actual manufacturer of the vehicle itself, or any of the components that went into the production of the vehicle.

Determining liability in these accidents can be complicated and require knowledge of the trucking industry. An experienced Lincoln truck crash attorney can gather the necessary information and consult with experts to identify all the parties who may be held liable and who may be required to compensate you for your injuries in a personal injury claim.

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How Much Is My Lincoln Semi-Truck Accident Case Worth?

An accident case involving a commercial vehicle is different than those involving passenger vehicles in one important way – the driver of the big rig is expected to follow additional rules and regulations established to reduce the chances of accident occurring. When drivers or their companies ignore or disregard these rules to increase profits, there can be devastating consequences.

A local lawyer who handles truck accident cases can investigate the driver of the vehicle and the company the driver works for to determine whether they have complied with the regulations that govern the operation of heavy trucks. Things like the number of hours the driver was on the road, the maintenance schedule that must be adhered to, the condition of brakes and tires, and the type and weight of the load that is allowed will all be factors that could help establish fault when there has been a crash. Drivers are required to maintain a log of the hours they drive and a big rig may also be equipped with a device known as a “black box” that will record various factors about the vehicle performance before and during a crash. Knowing how to gather and preserve this type of evidence in a crash are critical in maximizing the value of truck accident claims.

The value of your claim will be determined by a number of factors that include things like lost wages, whether or not you will be able to return to work or do the same type of work as you did before the crash, your medical bills, whether you will require medical care or long term care in the future, compensation for pain, suffering, or loss of companionship or support for your family. Because there are additional rules and regulations governing trucking, proving that the driver or company was not in compliance with any of the requirements can help obtain a settlement for your case.

How Can I Get Help If I Have Been In a Crash Involving a Truck?

Consulting with a Lincoln truck accident lawyer who understands commercial vehicle regulations can be your best first step. An initial consultation is always at no-cost and no obligation to you. Call our office today.