When a car accident happens, it doesn’t just damage your vehicle or cause injuries. It can feel like your entire life is turned upside down. You should be able to focus on recovering with your loved ones. Instead, you’re burdened with dealing with insurance companies and figuring out how to pay the bills, especially when you might not even be able to work. As an experienced Springfield car accident lawyer, I can help alleviate those burdens. Our injury attorneys can explain your legal options and fight for your rights.

Do I Have a Case?

We often call them car “accidents,” but most crashes occur because someone made a mistake. It might be due to carelessness, recklessness, distraction, or impairment by drugs or alcohol. The criminal justice system can hold them accountable if laws were broken. But what about when a driver’s negligence leads to expensive damages, severe injuries, or even death? Even minor car crashes can result in significant losses—property damage, medical expenses, lost wages, and more. You expect insurance to cover these losses, but some drivers don’t have insurance [internal link to uninsured motorist insurance is possible]. And even when there is insurance, dealing with companies to get what you deserve can be very challenging. Insurers often aim to minimize their payouts. A skilled car accident lawyer can help by preserving evidence, investigating thoroughly, gathering police and accident reports, consulting with experts, and identifying responsible parties. You need an experienced auto accident lawyer to fight for your rights.

Illinois Car Accident Facts

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) compiles and updates the Illinois Crash Facts and Statistics regularly. Recent statistics show that over 20% of motor vehicle crashes in Illinois result in injuries, with nearly 1,000 fatalities. Many of these crashes are due to driver-related factors. For instance, speeding accounts for about one-third of all crashes and even more of the fatal and injury crashes. Other significant causes of motor vehicle accidents include:

– Distracted driving

– Driver fatigue

– Drunk driving

– Drug-impaired driving

– Road and highway hazards

– Vehicle malfunctions due to poor maintenance

– Reckless driving, such as failing to yield, disobeying traffic signals, unsafe passing, tailgating, and improper lane usage

A knowledgeable and experienced Springfield injury attorney can help determine the responsible party and secure just compensation for the negligence involved.

A Springfield Car Accident Attorney is Here to Help

By retaining a Springfield car accident lawyer, you could rest assured that a dedicated legal professional is working tirelessly to pursue compensation on your behalf.

We typically represent clients in these cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that there are no charges upfront and that we are only paid if and when there is a recovery for you. Contact us now for a no-obligation, free legal consultation.