Injuries you suffer as a result of a motorcycle accident can be so devastating that they keep you away from your job or your daily activities, either temporarily or permanently. If the collision was the result of someone else’s negligence, a well-practiced injury attorney could determine if you are eligible for compensation. Contact a Pontiac motorcycle accident lawyer to discuss your options for holding the responsible party liable for your losses, whether they be financial, physical, or emotional.

Pontiac Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Do I Need a Lawyer for my Motorcycle Wreck Case?

It is no surprise that motorcycle collisions often result in serious injuries. Since insurance companies work on their own behalf to limit the amount of money they pay out on any claim, they may try to assign some or all of the blame or fault on the motorcycle rider. An experienced Pontiac lawyer understands how insurance companies work and could build your motorcycle crash case by collecting the necessary evidence, making sure your bills are paid and maximizing the amount you are able to recover as a result of your claim.

Should I Give a Recorded Statement?

No. The other driver’s insurance company will likely ask you for a recorded statement and may even tell you they cannot settle the claim without it, but that is not true. They take the statement for their own benefit, not yours. Contact a motorcycle accident attorney in Pontiac to make sure your rights and best interest are served during this complicated process.

How Much is My Motorbike Accident Case Worth?

There is no single answer to that question, as every case is different. The value of any injury case is directly related to liability, damages, and coverage. Can you prove the other driver, or some other party, was at fault? How were you damaged or injured, and to what extent, as a result of the accident? How much insurance coverage does the at-fault driver have? How much do you carry? Can you make a claim against the defendant’s personal assets? The best way to know for sure what your motorcycle wreck case is worth is to consult with an experienced local attorney.

Recoverable Damages for Injured Motorcyclists

Since a motorcycle leaves riders unprotected in a crash, the injuries suffered are often severe and sometimes devastating. These injuries often require long term medical treatment and rehabilitation which leads to an accumulation of medical expenses.

Motorcycle crashes may lead to harm so severe that the result is an inability to work, either while recovering or permanently, leading to loss of income. A damage award should be structured to compensate for lost wages. An injured motorcycle driver may also be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, permanent disability, scarring or disfigurement. A Pontiac attorney may be able to establish any compensations due as a result of the motorbike accident.

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Establishing Fault in Motorcycle Collisions

Establishing fault or negligence in any accident is the first step to achieving compensation. Accidents are caused by someone failing to follow safety protocols or rules-of-the road. When a driver speeds, is inattentive or reckless, is impaired by drugs or alcohol, or breaks any other law, they become responsible for any harm they cause if an accident should result. For example, left turn collisions are a common cause of motorcycle accidents, as inattentive or distracted drivers turn left in front of oncoming traffic and cut off a motorcyclist who does not have time to react which can result in serious injuries.

A knowledgeable Pontiac motorcycle accident attorney could gather and preserve evidence to build an effective civil case against the at-fault driver. Evidence may include things like photos, witness statements, police reports, expert testimony, and accident reconstruction.

Look to a Pontiac Motorcycle Accident Attorney for Advice

Injuries from a motorcycle accident are, unfortunately, frequently traumatic because of the nature of the vehicles involved. A motorcycle crash will commonly lead to broken bones, spinal damage, or head trauma. Any of these types of injuries can lead to long term medical care and rehabilitation, which can be a tremendous financial burden on both the rider and their family.

A Pontiac personal injury lawyer could help seek compensation on your behalf. Call today to discuss your case and legal options.