Despite decades of advancements in medical science and research, there are still gaps in the knowledge of even healthcare experts regarding how exactly the human brain works. However, these professionals know all too well how debilitating a traumatic impact to the head or neck can be if it results in physical injury to the brain.

No matter what type of traumatic brain injury (TBI) you sustained, you should strongly consider retaining a seasoned injury attorney and taking legal action if your injury stemmed from the negligent conduct of another person or entity. A qualified Decatur traumatic brain injury lawyer could explain your legal options, help you construct a strong settlement demand or civil lawsuit, and tenaciously fight to protect your best interests throughout the entirety of your claim.

The Potential Impact of a TBI

Perhaps the single most dangerous aspect of traumatic brain damage is just how hard it can be to detect and treat. Often TBIs are not initially diagnosed in the Emergency Department, because physicians and nurses are focusing more on the more obvious injuries to other parts of the body. Even moderate to severe TBIs can produce very few obvious symptoms immediately after the injury in question occurs, and some TBIs produce absolutely no symptoms at all until it is too late to prevent permanent harm.

Because of this, it is always important to seek professional medical care as soon as possible after any kind of jarring or violent accident, if for no other reason than to ensure no lasting harm was done. However, a professional diagnosis can also be crucial when it comes to recovering money damages in a civil claim, as formal documentation of injuries may be necessary to prove that injuries and their long-term implications stemmed directly from an accident borne of negligence rather than another source.

Any medical expenses associated with a TBI’s diagnosis and treatment can be factored into a settlement demand or lawsuit, as can other economic damages like personal property damage and loss of work income. Additionally, an experienced Decatur attorney may be able to help someone suffering from a severe TBI recover for non-economic forms of harm as well, including loss of ability to participate in hobbies, loss of consortium with a spouse, and any temporary or permanent disability caused by the TBI.

What Time Limits Apply to Traumatic Brain Injury Claims?

Despite the life-altering nature of many TBIs, the same filing deadlines that apply to claims for less severe personal injuries also apply to traumatic brain injury claims. Specifically, under 735 Illinois Compiled Statutes §5/13-202, potential plaintiffs generally must get their cases started no later than two years after discovering they suffered harm due to another person’s negligence.

However, there are a few exceptions to this rule under specific circumstances that a TBI lawyer in Decatur could discuss in greater detail. For example, if a head injury leaves someone with a severe mental disability, the two-year filing period may not begin until that person is no longer disabled, which could allow significantly more time to file suit. Different deadlines apply in cases involving minors or in some cases involving governmental entities. The best way to know for sure you understand the specific deadline that will apply to your case is to consult with an experienced lawyer as soon as possible.

Contact a Decatur Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Today

From mild concussions to life-changing open-head injuries, traumatic brain damage can alter the course of your life in a matter of moments. Even mild injuries can take months to fully heal, and more severe damage is very likely to have permanent consequences that lead to nearly immeasurable personal and professional losses.

Often insurance companies try to minimize the damages caused by a TBI or refuse to acknowledge the impact a TBI has had on an injured person’s life. We strongly encourage you to get help to make sure you receive fair compensation if you’ve suffered a TBI. Call a Decatur traumatic brain injury lawyer today for a free consultation to discuss your options.