While any severe harm is devastating to experience, none are quite as life changing as a paralyzing injury. Becoming paralyzed in an accident immediately changes your life as you may be unable to continue at your place of work or even live independently.

If you sustained a paralyzing injury, you need to reach out to a trustworthy attorney for qualified legal guidance as soon as possible. A Decatur paralysis injury lawyer could help you obtain a settlement in a personal injury lawsuit that would allow you to maximize your potential recovery to obtain as much support as possible to improve your quality of life.

Understanding Paralyzing Injuries

Doctors diagnose paralysis when a patient is unable to voluntarily move all or a portion of their body. Paralyzing injuries interrupt the body’s channel of communication by preventing a person’s brain from sending signals to their muscles.

While some people become paralyzed due to illnesses, most people suffer paralysis after sudden traumatic wounds to their spinal cord or brain. Frequently, people sustain injuries that lead to paralysis in motor vehicle accidents, bad falls, sports accidents, intentional acts of violence, or through medical or surgical malpractice.

The extent and degree of paralysis vary, often depending upon the location of the injury on a person’s body, as well as the severity of the damage. Some people with paralysis feel pain in the afflicted area, while others have numbness, tingling, or no sensation. Some instances of paralysis resolve with time and therapy, but oftentimes paralysis is permanent.

After sustaining an injury that results in paralysis, it is crucial to meet with an experienced Decatur lawyer. Experienced local attorneys could review a client’s medical records and speak with their doctors to better understand the severity of the injury. They could then work to anticipate potential future medical and lifestyle expenses in order to help that claimant receive a damages award that would help them resume as productive and independent of a life as may be possible.

Different Types of Paralysis

Doctors typically recognize several different forms of paralysis, depending on the severity and location of the afflicted area on a person’s body. The following are some of the most widely diagnosed forms of paralysis:

  • Monoplegia — impedes a person’s ability to voluntarily control one body part
  • Hemiplegia — causes a person to be unable to move or control one side of their body, and it often follows a stroke
  • Paraplegia — prevents a person from controlling or moving their lower extremities
  • Quadriplegia — prohibits a person from moving or controlling any portion of their body below the neck

Experienced Decatur attorneys understand the challenges that each of the different forms of paralysis pose. A compassionate lawyer could negotiate with defense attorneys and insurance companies to ensure that an injured claimant gets what they need and deserve, and if for any reason negotiations are not successful, they can file a lawsuit on the client’s behalf.

Reach Out for Legal Assistance from a Decatur Paralysis Injury Attorney

If you suspect somebody else’s mistake caused you to become paralyzed, you should reach out to a Decatur paralysis injury lawyer. A skilled attorney could help you obtain compensation from the person responsible for your injury. Reach out to our firm today to get help today.