A rear-end collision is an auto accident where someone is struck from behind. Rear-end collisions in Decatur can happen in a variety of circumstances, all of which can cause serious damage to the vehicle and harm to its occupants.

If you were rear-ended and suffered serious injuries, you may have a valuable claim for money damages to compensate you for the losses you suffered due to the crash. Consider speaking with an experienced attorney in the area who could guide you through the claims and litigation process.

Common Causes of Rear-Ending Collision

Like many motor vehicle collisions, driver negligence often plays a role in rear-end wrecks. Rear-end accidents can occur under several circumstances, including:

  • At stop signs or traffic lights
  • On highways
  • In chain reaction collisions or pileups

These collisions may be due to a driver being distracted or intoxicated driver fails to react to the vehicle ahead of them slowing down or stopping. They can also occur due to faulty brakes, slick roadways, or following too close. A seasoned lawyer in Decatur could investigate the cause of the rear-end accident to identify the correct defendant in the case.

Establishing Liability in a Tailgating Collision

In general, the driver of the vehicle that rear-ends the other is usually the liable party. However, it depends on the specific facts of each cases. For instance, in cases where a vehicle is stopped at a stoplight and rear-ended by the motorist behind them, there would be no reason for any comparative fault to be assigned. On the other hand, if a driver suddenly slows down or stops on a highway, it may be debatable as to who is primarily responsible.

To establish liability in a rear-end accident case, Decatur attorneys may look at any video footage of the collision, the police report, testimony of any witnesses, evidence at the scene, and any data that can be extracted from the vehicles concerning the speed the vehicles were going. In some cases, a lawyer may hire an accident reconstructionist to help them prove the case for liability.

Benefits of a Decatur Attorney After Being Rear-Ended

It’s important to contact a Decatur lawyer after a rear-end collision, so the lawyer can help gather and preserve any important evidence. This includes the testimony of the eyewitnesses who may become difficult to locate in time or have their memories of the incident fade over time.

It is also important to get a lawyer involved in investigating the case as soon as possible just in case there is video footage that needs to be preserved. Video footage at nearby establishments may have a protocol where the video would be deleted after a relatively short period of time.

A legal representative can also help provide guidance through the process, making the injury claim process much easier for an injured party. It is important to get help from a compassionate and knowledgeable lawyer to make sure that the plaintiff avoids making common mistakes in injury claims like giving a recorded statement to an adjuster or signing a blank medical record release from the insurance company, or settling the case for less than the full value of a claim.

Get Help From a Decatur Car Accident Lawyer Today

In general, people with legal help tend to recover more for their injuries, have better results reducing their medical bills and liens after an accident, and have a much easier time resolving their claim. If you or a loved one were injured in a rear-end collision in Decatur, call today for a free, no obligation consultation.