Cars are a popular form of transportation, but unfortunately, collisions are common and could cause life-changing injuries for someone hurt in a wreck. If you were in a motor vehicle accident, you should be able to focus on your recovery, not the legal and financial aspects of your case.

After you suffer catastrophic losses in an automobile crash, a skilled personal injury attorney could take on some of the burdens that come with the aftermath of a wreck. An experienced Champaign car accident lawyer could help fight for the compensation you deserve and hold the negligent party accountable.

Champaign Car Accident Lawyer

What Damages are Recoverable Following a Car Accident?

Damages from a car collision are usually categorized in one of two categories: economic or non-economic damages. If filing a car accident injury claim, you might be eligible for either or both types of compensation.


Economic damages include calculable amounts like lost income, lost earning capacity, medical bills, future medical costs, and property damage. To help ensure that you seek all of the compensation available, it is well-advised to retain the assistance of a seasoned Champaign motor vehicle collision attorney.


Non-economic damages are typically harder to calculate and vary significantly in each case. Common forms of non-economic damages include pain and suffering, emotional harm, loss of enjoyment of life, disfigurement, disability, and loss of consortium. Non-economic damages often become the focus of settlement discussions because there are no precise amounts that define them.

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Factors Affecting Compensation in Automobile Collisions

The amount of compensation you receive following a car wreck varies depending on the details of the case. However, several factors typically affect the value of a motor vehicle crash claim, including:

  • The severity of the injuries
  • The amount of economic and non-economic damages
  • Available insurance coverage from the involved parties
  • Disputed or clear liability
  • The number of responsible parties in the collision
  • If gross negligence was involved in causing the crash
  • The injured party’s ability to return to work in the future
  • A change in quality of life following the wreck

Many car crash cases are resolved through a settlement, not a trial. A knowledgeable automobile wreck attorney in the area could negotiate with insurance companies and make sure a settlement provides fair compensation.

Time Limitations in a Champaign Car Wreck Lawsuit

The amount of time you have to file a claim is known as the statute of limitations. According to 735 Illinois Compiled Statutes § 5/13-202, the statute of limitations for filing a motor vehicle collision case is two years from the time of the crash. However, some exceptions may provide for more or less time to file a case depending on the circumstances.

Statutes of limitations are strict, and if they are not met, you will be barred from pursuing compensation. Following a motor vehicle crash, you should seek the assistance of a dedicated Champaign car accident attorney who could ensure all of the deadlines in your case are met.

Contact a Champaign Car Accident Attorney to Help Today

An automobile collision could completely change your life and leave you facing an uncertain future. As a person hurt in a car crash, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages. However, insurance companies and defense attorneys are not employed to offer fair settlements. Their goal is usually to pay as little as possible to resolve your case. A Champaign car accident lawyer could help fight for your rights and stand up to difficult insurance companies. Call today to set up your free automobile wreck case evaluation.